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Lyrics by Werner Bergengruen
for Choir a cappella

- Franz Schubert NACHTHELLE
Arrangement for Choir SSATTBB and String Orchestra

for String Orchestra

Lyrics by Friedrich Hölderlin for Choir a cappella, opt. with String Orchestra
- Arrangements for Men’s Choir after Themes of Richard 
  Wagner’s  “Der Ring des Nibelungen” 
- Es klopft bei Wanja in der Nacht
a Children’s Story
  for Orchestra and Narrator
- Bad Reichenhaller Bäder Galopp
for Orchestra
  composed for the 850 th Anniversary Celebration of City of Bad Reichenhall
- Concerto for Harp and Orchestra
- van Gogh
- Bernini
- Hölderlin
- Die schöne Müllerin by Franz Schubert,
  Processing for Tenor and large Ensemble, alternatively Orchestra
 - Nun lässest Du Deinen Diener, o Herr, in Frieden
  Canzona for Orchestra
- Weckruf Musik zum Schauspiel, Eröffnung BGL-T-GmbH
- Weihnachtslieder, op.8 (Six Christmas Songs) by Peter Cornelius
  Arrangement for Voice and Orchestra
 - La Strega – Intermezzo for a Ballet
- Reverse Angle – for Double Base solo and Dancer solo
- Création du Monde – for large Ensemble
- “Tiefer, Dimento!” – for seven Instruments
Bass Trumpet, Bass Clarinet, Bass Trombone, Contrabassoon, 
Bass Tuba, Contrabass, Piano